Success Story: An Amazing Journey to Sobriety

I was actually sorely hungover during graduation since I stayed up all night the day before taking pills and drinking. When I discovered running in May 2013, my life drastically changed for the better once again. Running helps me live life on life’s terms. When I start the day with a run the whole day seems to flow better. An afternoon run can help burn off the craziness of a  busy workday.

  • Alcoholism is a disease that affects relationships, not just the person suffering.
  • I felt this phrase was perfect to serve as a reminder to maintain the same course I set ahead for myself when I left Valley Hope.
  • But, I made friends with some older people.
  • Join us as we explore her inspiring transformation, offering hope to all those seeking redemption and a chance to embrace life anew.
  • By this time I had been sober for three weeks and I had made plans to go for a five-day inpatient evaluation approved by the PHS director.

I experienced an enormous amount of grief in the first few months of sobriety. My entire life I had been the “party girl,” the girl who loves red wine, the fun friend that you went out & drank with. That’s who I had been since I was 16 years old. The hardest thing about sobriety isn’t not drinking; it’s facing and healing all of those underlying issues. It’s also the most important part of lasting sobriety.

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“It was primarily my self-centeredness, my ego. I mean selfishness, resentments, fear, the things that engulf people with drinking problems. The steps are designed to look at that from a different point of view. There’s got to be that internal surrender for sobriety to happen. It keeps you really connected to other people.

What are the chances of relapse after 5 years sober?

For those who are sober five years, the rate drops to 7 percent. People who successfully complete a formal treatment program such as a 28-day inpatient program or an intensive outpatient program have significantly higher recovery rates than those who do not.

And, I knew I could get back to being that person outside of my addiction to alcohol. I felt this phrase was perfect to serve as a reminder to maintain the same course I set ahead for myself when I left Valley Hope. Each of us face our own battles and roadblocks as we continued on our path to recovery. But if we can remember our desire to “Stay the Course” every day of our lives, we will reach that ultimate goal of living a life free of our addiction.

‘My mom said, ‘there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re an alcoholic.”

In my mind, we had had enough discussion about our family size, and I proceeded to go ahead with a vasectomy. Our marriage became further strained, as my wife apparently still wanted additional children. I underwent a reversal of the vasectomy, and soon thereafter, my wife was pregnant with our third healthy child. After six years, I was becoming dissatisfied with work because I didn’t feel I had adequate support from my group or the hospital. After a brief job search, certainly hindered by my alcohol consumption, I returned to the large academic practice where I trained.

What happens to your body after 1 year of sobriety?

After a year of sobriety there will be a noticeable change in your physical appearance and general health. If the substance of abuse was alcohol, you will likely have lost weight. Nutritional deficiencies are a thing of the past. You feel stronger physically, and feel good overall.

After all, he had grown up in a home where that was the norm. But somewhere along the line, James was suddenly unable to face reality without a drink in his hand. James Frazer struggled with feelings of abandonment, low self-esteem, and social rejection early in life. In his mind, everyone else had it better than he did, and his lot in life was just never going to be as good as everyone else’s. When David B came in for his initial interview, his story was not uncommon.

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This is where you will start the healing and forgiveness process. But the other thing that became clear pretty quickly is that I had no ability to moderate. Once I had two drinks, all bets were off. Brené Brown said that her sobriety is her superpower and I feel the same way about mine.

I had no friends and was a burden to my family. For Kate, 12-step programs are vital to her recovery. She says she finds huge therapeutic value in sharing stories with other people in the same situation. For someone so young, her journey is a story of hope for other young addicted people.

Gina is an outgoing person, hence, her soul that shines through her eyes. Without hearing her story, you would never understand the trials and tribulations she endured to make it to where she is today. Don feels that he relapsed because his spirituality was missing. Don initially rejected the concept of a higher power. Like many others before him, though, he stumbled upon a healing force that’s both intangible and unexplainable. Eventually, Kate decided to take action and she committed to rehab.

I couldn’t sleep without passing out into unconsciousness — which was now happening early in the evening — only to awaken in the same state of withdrawal again. I managed to crawl Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Sober House in the dark to huddle over the commode. I rationalized that the vomiting might be due to food poisoning. By the morning, I was severely dehydrated and could barely stand.

He was miserable, depressed, and hurting. Eventually, he realized if he didn’t stop drinking, he would continue to damage his relationships and hurt all the people he cared about. Utterly hopeless, James tried to commit suicide several times, but despite his desperation, he failed to end his life and was trapped in the darkness of addiction.

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